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About Us

Our highly knowledgeable staff draws on more than 32 years of experience focused exclusively on agricultural tour management.

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Michael Kirtley
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Fred Capelle
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Brandon Lewis


AgTours.US provides custom tours for agricultural groups traveling to the United States or to other destinations throughout the world.

We specialize in designing and operating agricultural tours that will meet the unique needs and interests of your group. Tour programs by AgTours.US can be customized from a variety of agriculture topics, including:

  • Farms and Farmers including conventional, high-tech, biotech, no-till, precision and organic methods
  • Crops including soybeans, corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, wheat, fruit, vegetables, and specialty crops
  • Livestock including beef cattle, dairy cattle, hogs, sheep and horses
  • Universities including discussions, lectures, and field days
  • Research including commercial, public and private
  • Equipment including manufacturers, dealers, and users of a variety of farm machinery
  • Energy including biofuel and wind power
  • Farm Shows including World Ag Expo, National Farm Machinery Show, World Pork Expo, Farm Progress Show, Husker Harvest Days, World Dairy Expo, and many others
  • Cultural Experiences including national parks, major attractions, city tours, local highlights, and opportunities for leisure activities
  • Special Interest Topics, including other visits and activities to meet the needs of your group

Please tell us about your group, and the goals and interests of its members. We will be pleased to provide you, free of charge, with preliminary consultation, a suggested itinerary, and our pricing.

We Are At Your Service!

Our Specialty

Designing and operating agricultural tours that will meet the unique needs and interests of your group.